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Tom Bihn British Airways Link
Aeronaut 45 (ballistic)
(45ℓ) Link
Carry-on Personal Item
Height: 22.0 in 22.0 in 15.5 in
Width: 14.0 in 17.5 in 12.0 in
Depth: 9.0 in 10.0 in 6.0 in
Aeronaut 45 (ballistic) vs. all airlines British Airways vs. all bags
This bag will not fit as a personal item.
British Airways has a maximum weight of 50.7 lbs which does not include the personal item.
This bag weighs 3.1 lbs, which is 6.1% of your allowance.
Soft-side bags may fit even when a dimension is red. Use your best judgement. Business & First class may offer more carry-on options.
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